Scott’s Coaching Methodology

With many specialized areas in which a life coach can support you, remember one thing, life coaching is just that, “coaching.” Scott believes that a good coach should help point you in the right direction to live the life you want, while allowing you to create your own path to success.  Retaining what you learn about yourself through this process is of the utmost importance.

Scott also feels that a good coach should be someone who encourages you to feel uncomfortable. You might ask yourself, “Why would I want to feel uncomfortable?” Think of it this way.  Discomfort is the precursor to positive change.  Have you ever met someone who ran a marathon without some discomfort in their training?  Life coaching works the same way.  The funny thing is that the things which initially make you feel uncomfortable will eventually become your fuel to succeed.  You should also acknowledge that coaching might not be exactly what you initially expected.  Setbacks do occur.  Do not forget that it took you a long time to create the behaviors 

that are holding you back, so some of the barriers might be harder to remove than others.  The “good news” is that there is a powerful light at the end of the tunnel.  This light is in fact, your true energy and true self.  Scott’s coaching will help enable you to become more self-aware, think more critically and find this light, which is already within you and waiting to surface.

Whether you choose to meet with Scott because of relationship concerns, lack of motivation, for purpose seeking, to overcome grief, for career counseling or any other reason, it does not matter!  The fundamental tools and the methodology used will help you reach your goals and live more mindfully.  Scott defines living mindfully as embracing the present and not dwelling on the past or putting your energy into whatever the future might or might not bring.  Are you always present in all that you do, or do you get caught up in the constant noise that surrounds us all?  Being mindful truly is the secret for all of us to be happier and more effective individuals.  If you are ready to take the next step, Scott is there to help.