Programs can be offered as keynotes, workshops or short presentations.

Creating a Mindful and Balanced Existence

The Creating a Mindful and Balanced Existence program provides attendees with the tools to survive and thrive in both their professional and personal lives, while effectively managing and balancing their day-to-day schedules. Through story-telling and a host of inspirational and humorous messages, participants will be provided with tools they can use immediately.  This presentation will challenge each individual to look deeper inside his or her self and become the person he or she was truly meant to be.  All participants will walk away with a sharpened sense of mindfulness as they receive tips to help them embrace the moment, become more self aware and define a clearer path to happiness and success.

Unlock the Possibilities of Your Mind, Body and Spirit

The Unlock the Possibilities of Your Mind, Body and Spirit program will empower each of your audience members to become more balanced individuals in mind, body and spirit. Taking care of yourself as a whole is essential to total wellness. All too often we focus our care on parts of our being, while neglecting other parts.  Since everything is connected, this diminishes our effectiveness in supporting the whole being. Participants will receive a host of tips on ways to exercise your mind, body and spirit.  Being passionate about wellness, Scott has been a certified personal trainer for years (through the National Academy of Sports Medicine).  He utilizes his knowledge to share simple physical exercises with the audiences that can be done daily at work or at home.  Additionally he covers basic nutrition recommendations.  Audience members always enjoy the participation aspect of this session.  Participants have walked away with tools to avoid daily fatigue, become more motivated to eat healthy and/or exercise, sleep better, become more self-aware, and many have found a reduction in stress.  As in all of Scott’s programs, the concept of Existing Mindfully is heavily embedded in the message.  This program can be more or less interactive upon request.

Being a Mindful and Balanced Team Member

The Being a Mindful and Balanced Team Member program takes the Creating a Mindful and Balanced Existence program and adds more detail regarding functioning effectively in groups, being empathetic to others, becoming more emotionally intelligent and embracing a “We” versus “Me” mentality.  Having the group create an individual mission statement and comparing to a group-created, team mission statement is always useful in the workshop version of this program.

Marketing Mindfully

The Marketing Mindfully program encourages intelligent branding and product promotion through a well devised alignment with philanthropies or socially responsible organizations. You will be walked through a step-by-step process that will help you create a stronger brand, better image and a lasting bond with your customers. Unlike most marketing strategies, we encourage a “pull” versus “push” mentality. While many companies push their products on customers through “in your face” advertising, the Marketing Mindfully program focuses on aligning your name with causes, community organizations and nonprofits through sponsorships, product/service donations, and other means of helping others. Customers will come to you because they like the things you are doing. You may currently be supporting organizations with no expectation of anything in return, and although this is admirable, it is important to make your customers aware of your generosity. This program can show you how to spread the word. If you would like to expand your giving, Scott has worked with hosts of nonprofit organizations and he can give you tips on how to connect with those that are in alignment with your mission and your vision. This program can be a perfect supplement to any current marketing plan.

Delivering Mindful Customer Service

The Delivering Mindful Customer Service program incorporates the theory that if you are empathetic to your customer, your service will excel.  Excellent customer service is not only a means to retain current clients, but an imperative method to grow your business.  Your business needs to strive for world class customer service.  Scott will help you do this by engaging your entire team in a step-by-step process that will inspire your employees to make your clients become raving fans.  This training encourages a mindful and creative environment to address customer needs.  Each team member will be empowered to resolve customer challenges, create win-win outcomes, generate deeper client relationships and expand business through team-driven customer referrals and testimonials.

Selling Mindfully

The Selling Mindfully program was developed over the course of twenty years. While working in a host of sales and marketing roles, ultimately serving as a Vice President of Sales and Marketing for an International online learning company, it became apparent to Scott that everyone had a different theory about sales.  To find the methodology that suited him best, he took every course that was available anywhere and each offered some value, but all had major flaws.  He made a simple decision to take all the best components of each and put it into his own program.  He had already been doing this very successfully with his own sales people, so he knew it worked.  This program Scott has put together is guaranteed to help motivate your sales team and remind them of their importance in the organization. The tools provided to your team members will help them build their sales funnels, close more sales, and improve upon current retention rates.  Your team will be led through a simple, step-by-step process that will empower your sales people to create lasting bonds with their prospects/clients and ultimately create lifelong customers. This program has been effective for cellular telephone retailers, educational software companies, universities, telecommunications companies and many others.  Whether your average sale is a quick close or a one year courtship, the Selling Mindfully program focuses on developing customer relationships that connect you and your prospects on both a business and personal level.  Simply put, this system works!